Best Cannulas for PDO thread lifting

Best Cannulas for PDO thread lifting

PDO thread lift has been a very popular treatment. We have a ton of information about thread lifting and cannulas used for this purpose today that we are going to share with you guys in minutes.

Lifting threads are typically used in medical processes in order to boost different body parts including the face as they allow for extremely minimal surgical incisions for the same. These threads are injected into the body tissue with the help of a very fine needle which is fixed well and which helps to lift up the entire area to tighten it as well. While the precision of this incision is greatly necessary, the tissue holds this thread in such a way that the effects of the treatment are greatly maintained. The skin which is scarred due to the natural process is brought back by the elastin and collagen production due to which the new tissue appears and recovery takes place.


These mono threads contain a suture that has a single filament in it to provide a very smooth surface for the precise skin lifting and tightening results. The Polydioxanone filament is quite easy to insert within the skin in comparison which is why it has optimal results in comparison as well. Mono threads are great for nominal or small thread lifting or face lifting.

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A Brief Explanation of Microneedles and Blunt Cannulas

A Brief Explanation of Microneedles and Blunt Cannulas

Micro needling and blunt cannulas are very common words nowadays since many new beauty enhancing treatments involve their usage. While many might know what they are, others might not want to know what they are because of long related explanations for them. Hence a brief explanation for the same is provided below

What Is a Blunt Cannula?

A blunt cannula or a micro cannula is also known as a blunt tip small cannula, which is a tube that has a non-sharp edge used for injection purposes for the skin. They are used in many types of filler because they are much safer, precise, have less pain, take less time and have almost no bruising and scarring effects if used correctly without using any anaesthesia.

The blood vessels are pushed aside instead of being pierced and the treatment is done through the exposure to the skin for wrinkles and such other types.

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Best Dermal Fillers for Each of Your Facial Part

Best Dermal Fillers for Each of Your Facial Part

With the rapid trend and growing awareness towards enhancing beauty through surgeries and other processes such as dermal fillers, it is important that you know where these voluma fillers and other fillers should be used for maximum results. For instance, if you buy Juvederm voluma but don’t know where to use it, it is useless to apply it on your skin. Hence we shall have a discussion over the same before you get to go to buy Juvederm voluma or any other dermal filler.

Here we shall give some names and give the appropriate facial part where they are used for.

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13 Natural Skin Care Tips You Must Know

13 Natural Skin Care Tips You Must Know

Many people underestimate the value of their skin and take it for granted while many have such sensitivities that they cannot go a day without handling their skin well.

Independent of all this, skin-care is extremely important to look and feel beautiful. Therefore, we have the following notable skin care tips by dermatologists and experts so you can enhance your skin’s beauty greatly.

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Natural Home made remedies for amazing skin

Natural Home made remedies for amazing skin

You will hardly see a doctor recommending his patient to use home-made remedies, but to be very honest with you, these home-made remedies have much more power and cure for any skin problem than any lab-made skin medicines. Skin medicines always have some side effects, but natural resources are healthy by all means.

In this article I will share some recipes to make your own skin remedies at your home that will help you to enhance your beauty. You can have a look.

Avocado and Honey Moisturizer

You need moisturizer to remove ageing signs, ageing signs start appearing on your face when your skin tends to loose its moisture. In such a case, you will see crinkles appearing on your face and few lines.

To stop this from happening, you must make sure that your skin has enough amount of moisture in it. For that you can use some home made remedies, but I will share my favourite one with you first.

Take three tbs of fresh cream, 1/4 of avocado and one tablespoon of honey. Now blend all three ingredients until they are all nicely mixed. Once they are mixed properly, then apply them on your skin, after that wait for an hour, then wash your face with cold water. Repeat this process at-least for one month.

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5 Convenient Nail Tips You Must Know Now

5 Convenient Nail Tips You Must Know Now

Nail trends, nail art, nail cures and nail spas have been attracting every woman these days since nails make you stand out apart and nothing can substitute the feeling of properly pampered and manicured nails!

Who can afford to spend so much time going to salons and waiting? For all those who love to stand out and want to stay conveniently nail optimized every day, this is just the ideal place for you to be. With these, every day applicable easy tricks, you can choose to be in great neatness and style at all times. Men love a woman who takes care of every little detail and that’s what we love to do too.

1. Illusion-ize

Need to go to a party suddenly and you don’t have time for you nail polish to dry out since you need to get ready? No problem, just get ready, do your makeup and hair, wear your heels and then apply your nail color to the only fingers that can be seen!

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Best Skin whitening tips to enhance your beauty

Best Skin whitening tips to enhance your beauty

In today’s world when global warming has arisen and we have to face the strong heat wave of the sun in our daily routine — especially for working men and women. Due to pollution created by cars, our skin daily suffers from harmful bacteria which prevail in the environment due to human created gasses and waste.

The biggest victim of such circumstances are aged women because their skin does not repair as young ones. Today I am going to share few tips for your skin that will help you to prevent any skin problems.

Save your skin from sun

You need to protect your face from sun light. Sun can cause many skin problems, like oily skin, rashes etc. Sun rays can also cause age spot, wrinkles and many other skin problems. Sun rays can also cause skin caners.

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