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       artisanal gold mining
    -  Mongolia - hard-rock illegal gold mining and illegal mercury mining.
    -  Mongolia - survey of illegal gold miners (the ninjas).
    -  Mongolia - review and analysis of illegal gold mining.
    -  Mongolia - gold panning with green bowls - bowling.
    -  Mongolia - gold panning with rubber mats - matadoring.
    -  Kyrgyzstan - gold panning with buckets - bucketing.
    -  Laos - gold panning with wooden cones - dulanging.
    -  Russia - gold panning with wooden trays - lotoks.
       recreational gold mining
   -  North America - review of all patented USA gold pans.
      industrial gold mining
    Mongolia - State-sponsored placer gold rush by local companies.
    -  Mongolia - placer gold mining companies as drivers of the economy.
    -  Canada and Mongolia - failure of Canadian public companies in placer gold mining.
    -  New Zealand and Mongolia - New Zealand method of placer gold mining.
    -  Netherlands and Mongolia - IHC Holland gold jigs in Mongolia.
    -  Mongolia - giant IZTM bucket-line gold dredges.
    -  Russian Far East and Siberia - fleets of giant bucket-line gold dredges.
    -  China - fleets of giant bucket-line gold dredges.
    -  China and Mongolia - innovative CAT bucket-line gold dredges.
      geology of unusual placers
    -  Ta-Nb-Sn placers - tantalum-niobium-tin placers with albitite plutons.
    -  Pt placers - platinum and gold placers in the Gobi Desert.
    -  Hg placers - mercury placers of human origin.
    -  waterless placers - solifluction gold placers of the Mongolian steppes.

      how to find gold
Check the The Gold Miners Book to see where gold has been found before - over 6,000 references to articles and reports!
   -  read an example - How to find gold in Arizona.
     gold nuggets and how to describe gold
   -  pictures of gold nuggets and gold grains.
   -  how to describe gold shape.

... 75 GOLD RECOVERY METHODS ...   ... 75 GOLD RECOVERY METHODS ...  ... CLICK to download information FREE OF CHARGE ...       LIST OF 75 GOLD RECOVERY METHODS

Few people are aware so many methods exist, and it is not in the interests of inventors or manufacturers to point out alternatives.

Eco-Minex prepared this World List to assist experts and laypeople alike.

To get put on the list, a method has to meet simple requirements: be clear, be plausible, and have some data on recovering gold of different sizes.

So far, we have found 75 gold recovery methods that merit a place in the World List.

To read our review article of the 75 gold recovery methods, click HERE

To download the 75 gold recovery methods, click HERE

Chemical methods of recovering gold:
   -  mercury – amalgamation of gold.
   -  cyanide leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  chlorine leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  Haber Gold Process leaching – 2000s research in New Jersey.
   -  iGoli chlorine leaching – 2000s research in South Africa.
   -  iodine leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  tincture of iodine leaching – 2000s research in Japan.
   -  bromine leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  bromine leaching – 1990s research in Indiana.
   -  thiocyanate leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  thiosulphate leaching - dissolving gold.
   -  thiourea leaching – dissolving gold.
   -  nitric acid attack – liberating gold from sulphides.
   -  aqua regia – dissolving gold.
   -  borax – smelting gold.

Biochemical methods of recovering gold:
   -  bioleaching – 1980s research in Wales and California.
   -  biooxidation – 1980s research in British Columbia and California.
   -  gold-binding proteins – 2000s research in Washington State.
   -  phytomining – 2000s research in New Zealand.

Oleophilic methods of recovering gold:
   -  agglomeration – 1980s research in Australia and China.
oleophilic adhesion – 1980s research in Alberta.
froth floatation – 1930s research in Idaho and USSR.
gold-paraffin floatation – 1990s research in Brazil by candle wax.

Magnetic methods of recovering gold:
   -  magnetic coated gold – 1980s research in Colorado with iron carbonyl.

Gravitational methods of recovering gold:

      gold sluices - some are able to catch very fine gold
   -  riffled sluices – 1960s-1970s research in China and USSR.
   -  flat bar riffles – 1980s research in Yukon, 1990s in Mongolia.
   -  angle-iron riffles – 1980s research in Canada.
   -  expanded metal grating riffles – 1980s research in Canada.
   -  expanded metal mesh riffles – 1980s research in Canada.
   -  McCann’s small sluice – 1980s research in California.
   -  Damn Fine Sluice – 1990s research in New Mexico.
   -  Popandson sluice – 2000s research in USA.
   -  Loewen electrostatic sluice – 2000s research in Alberta.
   -  Cleangoldฎ sluice – 1990s research in Oregon.
   -  hydraulic riffles – 1980s research in New Zealand and Canada.

      gold jigs - recover nuggets as well as fine gold
   -  simple jigs – 1970s research in China.
   -  Pan-American (PAN-AM) duplex jig – Alaska tests.
   -  Cleaveland/IHC jig – 1980s research in USA and Holland.
   -  Gekko in-line pressure jig (IPJ) – 1990s research in Australia.
   -  Kelsey centrifugal jig – 1980s research in Australia.

      gold centrifuges - rather good at catching very fine gold
   -  Knudsen bowl – Alaska tests.
   -  Gilkey bowl – Alaska tests.
   -  Neffco bowl – 1970s research in Utah.
   -  Yunxi bowl – 1960s-90s research in Yunnan.
   -  Knelson bowl – 1980s research in British Columbia. Knelson concentrator
   -  Falcon C bowl – 1980s research in British Columbia. Falcon concentrator
   -  Falcon SB bowl – 1990s research in British Columbia. Falcon Superbowl
   -  Itomak bowl – 1990s research in Novosibirsk. Itomak concentrator
   -  Younge horizontal centrifuge – 1980s research in British Columbia.
   -  Axzia-Mozley MGS centrifuge – 1980s research in Cornwall. Multi-gravity sep.

      gold helix - thanks to Archimedes screw
   -  helix wheel (gold wheel) – 1900s research in Colorado.
   -  helix cylinder – 1980s research in British Columbia.
   -  helix belt – 2000s research in Canada and USA.

      gold tables - old devices, getting better
   -  Wilfley shaking tables – 1890s research in Colorado.
   -  shaking tables – 1960s-1970s research in China.
   -  shaking tables – 1960s research in USSR.
   -  BGS shaking table – 1990s research in UK.
   -  Gemeni table – 1980s research in Colorado.
   -  U-Tech reverse polarity table – 1990s research in Arizona.
   -  Goltron machine – 1990s research in Utah.
   -  Bartles-Mozley orbital tables – 1970s research in Cornwall.

      pinched sluices - very useful, especially as a cone
   -  pinched sluice – historical usage.
   -  Reichert cone – 1960s research in Australia.

      gold spirals - quite good at catching fine gold
   -  Humphrey spirals – 1940s research in Colorado.
   -  Mark-7 Reichert spirals – 1980s research in USA.

      elutriated sludge tanks - not jigs, and maybe better!
   -  Duke E-tank – 1970s research in Georgia.
   -  Graefe E-tank (Keene Hydromatic Jig) – 1980s research California.
   -  Pyramid E-tank (Pyramid Jig) – 1990s research in California.

      elutriation towers - remarkable at catching fine gold!
   -  Lashley ASAT Elutriation tower – 1980s research in New Mexico.
   -  Osterberg E-tower (Quick Gold Separator) – 1980s research in California.
   -  reflux classifier – 2000s research in Australia.
   -  Ecologic E-tower (Ecologic Concentrator) – 2000s research in New Zealand.

      compound water cyclones - dewater or catch fine gold!
   -  Visman Compound Water Cyclone (CWC) – 1970s research in Yukon.

      vibrating belts (vanners) - may catch fine gold rather well!
   -  Bartles crossbelt – 1970s research in Cornwall.
   -  Lemmon vanner – 1980s research in the Yukon.

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