Best Cannulas for PDO thread lifting

Best Cannulas for PDO thread lifting

PDO thread lift has been a very popular treatment. We have a ton of information about thread lifting and cannulas used for this purpose today that we are going to share with you guys in minutes.

Lifting threads are typically used in medical processes in order to boost different body parts including the face as they allow for extremely minimal surgical incisions for the same. These threads are injected into the body tissue with the help of a very fine needle which is fixed well and which helps to lift up the entire area to tighten it as well. While the precision of this incision is greatly necessary, the tissue holds this thread in such a way that the effects of the treatment are greatly maintained. The skin which is scarred due to the natural process is brought back by the elastin and collagen production due to which the new tissue appears and recovery takes place.


These mono threads contain a suture that has a single filament in it to provide a very smooth surface for the precise skin lifting and tightening results. The Polydioxanone filament is quite easy to insert within the skin in comparison which is why it has optimal results in comparison as well. Mono threads are great for nominal or small thread lifting or face lifting.

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